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Savings And Checking Accounts

Share Savings Account

To become a member of HAFCU, you must be an employee of the Cambridge Health Alliance or have a family member who is a Credit Union member. Then you may join by opening a Share Savings Account with a minimum deposit and minimum balance of $5. Once you open a savings account, you become a member owner of the Credit Union which entitles you to apply for any and all of the services offered by the Credit Union.

Make your hard earned money work for you right away. Open a share savings account earning a competitive dividend and your nest egg will grow larger in no time.

Club Accounts: Holiday Club and Vacation Accounts
By making weekly deposits to a Credit Union Club account you can easily save throughout the year for annual expenses. Avoid taking an unnecessary loan for those annual holiday expenses or plan for that well deserved vacation by setting a little aside each week through payroll deduction or direct deposit.

Share Draft Checking Accounts
Open a free checking account at HAFCU. There is no minimum balance and your first order of checks is free!

Share Certificates of Deposit
A Share Certificate earns a higher dividend than the Regular share Account. Certificates are offered for a term of three (3) months to thirty six (36) months with a minimum deposit of $500. Certificates will automatically renew for the same term and at the new rate that is being offered at maturity.

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The credit union offers loans for almost any purpose in a variety of different rates, terms and programs. We can meet any of your borrowing needs: cars and trucks, education, medical, vacation, home improvement, debt consolidation and much more. Fast service and competitive rates make HAFCU the place to borrow!

New and used Car Loans
HAFCU offers up to 105% financing of the purchase price of a new vehicle and up to 100% of NADAs average retail value for a used vehicle. Choose a repayment term of up to 72 months. We always recommend pre-approval before you shop to increase your bargaining power and know exactly how much you can afford.

Optional Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance is available.

Personal Unsecured Loans
Save money with a low cost personal loan. Loans are available for the following purposes: vacation, appliance, school tuition, credit card/debt consolidation, insurance, Christmas, credit starter, and home improvement.

Optional Disability and Credit Life Insurance are available on all loans.

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Payroll Deduction

With the convenience of direct deposit or payroll deductions you can save effortlessly and/or make your loan payments the easy way. Funds are deposited from your paycheck directly to your Share Savings, Checking and Club accounts as you choose. Saving is easy — putting $10, $20, or $30 a week into your Credit Union Savings or Club account is a sure path to a healthy financial future!

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